641 — Elan Sayso powers MAAF Vie with VoiceXML and TTS Solution

May 16, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

MAAF Vie, a division of MAAF Assurances, a French insurance group, is betting on a solution combining the Idylic VoiceXML platform and Elan Sayso text to speech to optimise the processing of customer calls and provide them with 24/7 access to their life insurance contract. It’s the first time a Voice XML server has ever been used in France to handle such a ‘critical’ customer service.

The application developed by MAAF substitutes agents to allow its customers to access financial information on their life insurance contract. Elan Sayso text to speech reads any dynamic information (figures, punctual messages) in real time.

This service is a new step for MAAF Assurances, which already equipped its call center in Bordeaux (South West France) with Idylic’s VoiceXML Phonic Corporate gateway in 2002. MAAF Assurances also integrated Elan Sayso text to speech to its internal email reading platform.

“We were already convinced by Idylic’s Phonic Corporate solution based on the VoiceXML language, of which we have been testing the efficiency and reliability for the past year. We have also successfully integrated Elan Sayso to our internal email reading by phone solution. We were therefore fully confident when we committed ourselves to this new project with Idylic and Elan Speech,” explains Jean-François Godet, MAAF Assurances IVR Project Manager.
According to MAAF Assurances Group, the solution took Nextira One less than 3 months to deploy.