70 — Editorial Profile

Jun 5, 2002 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

PORTAL CENTRO DE CONTACTO is an on-line publication that aims to offer complete information about all the professional and industrial activity of Communications, being particularly focused on the industrial or commercial activities related to the community of Professionals in the area of Contact Centers, Telecommunication Centers, Integration Communication Centers, Telecommunications and Communication Technologies in General.

PORTAL CENTRO DE CONTACTO has an international range ensuring broadcast by means of the Internet.

PORTAL CENTRO DE CONTACTO is an information center for operational models of labour and functional organization in the modern Communication Centers, no matter which toponymy or functional integration:

a. Response, Information and Telephone Centers
b. Assistance, Help-Desk or Back-Office Centers
c. Telemarketing Centers
d. Shared Services Center
e. Integrated Communication Centers
f. TeleControl, Telemaintenance and TeleSurveillance Centers
g. Data Processing Centers
h. Sales and Direct Marketing Centers
i. Telecommunication Centers
j. Secretariat and TeleWork Centers

PORTAL CENTRO DE CONTACTO is a publication edited in Portuguese, Spanish and in English. It is specially focused to the Communication activities on Countries of Portuguese Official Language, Spanish Official Language and of the Countries of the European Community, aiming to contribute to the sharing of professional, scientific and technological information within this linguistic communities. As well as to bring to the public the technologies, practical applications and activities that are produced.

PORTAL CENTRO DE CONTACTO is daily and permanently updated, recompilation all the information that is generated in the universe of the professional activity, both originated at private companies and public offices, ensuring coverage to news of all the technological areas related, including Human and Social Sciences.

PORTAL CENTRO DE CONTACTO believes freedom of speech, diversity of ideas and projects as well as pluralism of convictions are founding and structuring elements of a democratic society, so being, together with the free publication by means of the Journalists and specially invited Authors involved in the project it takes into account suggestions, critics, commentaries and essays of other entities, as long as the former respect the current regulation.

PORTAL CENTRO DE CONTACTO , criterion distinguishing news from opinion contents or publicity, reserves the right or ordering, interpreting and linking the facts and events and regards the right to issue a daily opinion, regarding all the news by means of editorial, always regarding a complete respect for the current legislation.

PORTAL CENTRO DE CONTACTO , rules itself by journalistic criterion’s of Discipline and Exemption, and respecting all opinions, the publication will respect the secrecy of its information sources, and under any circumstance will break this commitment.

PORTAL CENTRO DE CONTACTO acknowledges the potentials of the Internet for the promotion of free speech, but considers that the texts, images or drawings that makes available must respect in full the legal, ethical and code of fair information practice of the journalists, namely the ones relative to the good name, the integrity and honor of people, keeping to itself the right of not publishing any information that does not respect such principles.

PORTAL CENTRO DE CONTACTO guides itself by the Universal Declaration on the Human Rights, the Constitution, the Statute of the Journalist, the Law of Press and remaining applicable law, as well as the Journalist code of professional conduct, which can only be conditioned by the nature and scope of the project.

PORTAL CENTRO DE CONTACTO claims its independence regarding all powers, including the entities that sponsor either directly of indirectly the publication or support any related initiative.