715 — Alcatel releases VoIP assessment tool AVISO

Jun 30, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Alcatel announced today the immediate availability of its Assessment for VoIP Solution (AVISO) tool, a comprehensive software solution for assessing the VoIP readiness of enterprise networks. With the adoption of VoIP on the rise, Alcatel developed this tool to empower business partners and customers to assess, monitor, and troubleshoot VoIP in their networks.

“By leveraging our global expertise in IP communications, Alcatel built the Alcatel Assessment for VoIP Solution tool to help customers migrate to VoIP with minimal disruption to their business operations,” said Steve Tufts, Alcatel vice president of worldwide service and support. “In performing

IP audits with the Alcatel Assessment for VoIP Solution tool, network professionals can improve the consistency of installation to ensure customer satisfaction and alleviate any concerns over the reliability of a VoIP network.”

Designed around a PC-based server and Alcatel’s e-Reflexes IP phones, the Alcatel AVISO tool provides Quality of Service (QoS) information through “QoS tickets” at the end of each call – independent of the voice server. The tickets generated and sent at the end of each call are logged in a detailed report enabling an accurate analysis of the network. The AVISO tool is platform-agnostic and supports multi-vendor voice and data networks.

AVISO can be used in three distinct applications or comprehensively in any network environment. Developed by Alcatel’s technical support organization, the AVISO tool has been tested and given a “Performance Verified” award by Miercom, a leading independent product test center. According to Robert J. Smithers, President of Miercom, “The Alcatel Assessment for VoIP Solution test tool demonstrated a high degree of accuracy in measuring the network effects on VoIP calls. Moreover, testers were impressed with its ability to proactively and accurately simulate station calls for purposes of troubleshooting.”