732 — Mobile portal market with a breathe of fresh air, says IDC

Jul 8, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

According to the latest mobile research from IDC, mobile portals will account for over 42 million users in Western Europe in 2007 and the value of the market will be more than $1 billion. Mobile operators such as Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, and O2 have launched pan-European portals which allow customers to have very similar – if not the same – services around their different countries of operations.

‘The growth of mobile portals represents an important development area, influencing many of the applications and services that could help a successful take-up of 3G in the future,’ said Rosie Secchi, senior research analyst with IDC’s European Wireless and Mobile Communications service.

‘There is no such thing as one mobile portal for all – mobile users are very different in attitudes, demographics, and mobile Internet usage. Only by understanding these differences will mobile operators and other players in the mobile market be able to provide services that have relevance and value to these different groups.’

The success of any portal depends on the quality and relevance of the services it offers to users. ‘IDC believes that in order to get the full potential of the portal in the medium- to long-term, portal providers should focus on creating a guided rather than a controlled environment, establishing strong partner relationships in order to provide a unique,
customisable user experience,’ said Secchi.