735 — Rabobank bets on DataDistilleries to support sales and marketing campaigns

Jul 9, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

DataDistilleries announced that Rabobank, the largest financial services provider in the Netherlands, has purchased DataDistilleries’ analytical software to drive both sales and marketing campaigns. DataDistilleries’ analytics will provide Rabobank‘s financial advisors within its extensive international branch network with targeted leads for cross-selling. In addition, DataDistilleries will enable the bank to build event-driven marketing campaigns, in a quarter of the time they had taken previously.

“Rabobank is a major financial institution with millions of customer interactions per year. Our ability to streamline these interactions and make them more effective will deliver enormous business benefits to the company. We’re delighted to be working with such a high-profile institution and look forward to future developments, such as providing sales suggestions on the internet,” commented Marcel Holsheimer, president and founder of DataDistilleries.

With 58,000 employees, 1,500 offices and 9 million clients, Rabobank Group holds a market prominent position in the Netherlands. To drive its sales outreach, DataDistilleries ‘ analytics will comb Rabobank’s customer databases, making cross-sell recommendations to its local financial advisors, which are both relevant to the customers and profitable for the institution.

Additionally, DataDistilleries aims to help the bank increase the overall effectiveness of its direct marketing campaigns for acquiring, cross-selling and retaining customers. Using DataDistilleries‘ analytics, Rabobank can calculate which customers are most likely to respond to a particular offer and what value this will bring to the company. Instead of selecting customers for a campaign, now the best campaign in terms of probability, value and risks involved, will be selected for a specific customer.