771 — Telekom Austria launches MultimediaStation

Aug 13, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Telekom Austria today announced the commercial rollout of its new ‘MultimediaStations’. The company will put in place approximately 500 multimedia pay phones with broadband Internet by the end of the year and is planning to roll-out a total of 1,300 units by 2006. The rollout of the first 500 MultimediaStations will be across Austria. The software was developed by Austrian firm APC interactive.

“Telekom Austria’s MultimediaStation is the answer to the increasing demand for multimedia services especially in the public and local domain,” explains Rudolf Fischer, Telekom Austria COO Wireline. “MultimediaStations offer all those who have no web access the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of broadband internet.”

The new MultimediaStations offer a range of applications from Internet surfing, up-to-date local events calendars to the transmission of digital holiday photographs. A broadband ADSL/ISDN connection with a downloading rate of up to 786 kbit/s allows for video telephony between all multimedia terminals in Austria or with a video-conferencing capable PC.

The terminal is equipped with a bullet proof glass flat screen, an integrated web cam and telephone handsets. Navigation features are available both in English and German and can be accessed via a touch screen, with usability and customer convenience being the priorities.