819 — Siebel launches new performance solutions for contact centres

Sep 10, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

Siebel Systems announced the availability of the Siebel Contact Center Performance Solution and the Siebel Sales Performance Solution, which are designed to measure and improve the effectiveness of contact center and sales organisations, respectively. This solution aims at increasing cross and up-selling of products and services during inbound customer calls to counteract possible future revenue losses caused by recent legislative limitations on outbound telemarketing.

“The bottom line is that companies must improve performance by increasing employee satisfaction, reducing costs, and building competencies within sales organizations and contact centers,” said Wendy Close, CRM Research Director, Gartner.

“These are basic necessities for improving overall business performance through cross-selling and up-selling, while reducing the typically high turnover rates associated with these organizations. And, given recent legislative activity curtailing outbound telemarketing, the ability of contact centers to cross-sell and up-sell to existing customers on inbound service calls will become critical.”

Offered separately as solution bundles, Siebel Contact Center and Sales Performance Solutions encompass five key areas:

 –Scorecarding and analytics that provide all employees with a role-based view of relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)-indicators.

 –Communication and productivity tools that keep sales representatives and contact center agents engaged and current on the latest corporate strategy and processes

 –Performance management and compensation management that ensure employees clearly understand individual and organisational goals and objectives

–Training and competency management that continually tracks and improves upon workforce skills so that employees operate at peak levels at all times

–Employee service capabilities that enable employees to quickly and efficiently complete administrative tasks and obtain support from internal operations, IT, and product groups.

With this solution, companies can evaluate cost structures and organisational competence, communicate organizational business goals, provide training to minimise employee churn, and measure employee performance to reward successes.


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