841 — WizCom launches the new English reading pen

Sep 23, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

WizCom Technologies, an Israeli developer and manufacturer of the Reading Pen line of reading aids, will launch the company’s new English Reading Pen at the Special Needs London trade show, taking place from 25-27 September 2003. The Reading Pen is an ‘assistive technology’ tool for individuals dealing with reading disabilities, dyslexia and literacy issues. The product serves as a personal reading comprehension tutor, enabling users to scan, hear and define printed text, virtually anywhere.

“The new English Reading Pen is the latest addition to WizCom’s Reading Pen product line. It has been designed specifically to assist people with reading disabilities who prefer to use a British English dictionary and hear words pronounced in a British accent,” comments Amit Ben-Zvi, CEO of WizCom Technologies.

The product features the latest edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary (10th edition), containing over 240,000 entries and definitions, as well as guides relating to weights and measures, SMS and countries. The New English Reading Pen is equipped with the ScanSoft, British English Real Speak text-to-speech module.

The new English Reading Pen enables users to scan a word or full line of text, see the scanned word displayed in an enlarged font or presented together with its definition on the product’s LCD screen. The integrated text-to-speech technology reads scanned text and definitions aloud. The product comes complete with an earphone for discreet individual hearing for classroom or boardroom environments.

The new English Reading Pen has been equipped with a ‘test mode’ feature, which will allow students to use the pen to scan and hear words pronounced aloud during exams, while blocking dictionary access.