926 — A1 SMS Ticket a success, says mobilkom Austria

Nov 12, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

In the fall of 2002 mobilkom austria, Telekom Austria’s mobile subsidiary launched together with Austria Ticket and the m-commerce service provider Connovation the A1 SMS TICKET. With a name recognition factor of 67 percent in the target audience of 14 to 49 year-olds, A1 SMS TICKET has been able to establish itself among domestic mobile phone users.

In that time more than 40,000 SMS tickets have been sold, alone Robbie Williams fans setting the record with 9,000. Forty percent of those tickets went to customers of other network operators. Payments were made using paybox. A total of roughly 90,000 users took advantage of this m-commerce service.

“In the past year, Austria’s mobile phone users were able to see for themselves how convenient this service is. A1 SMS TICKET is a new, innovative approach that makes purchasing of tickets considerably easier for customers.A1 SMS TICKET has proven itself as an ideal distribution solution on numerous occasions, among them several large-scale events. In the future, we will be focusing increasingly on organizers of smaller events, who can use A1 SMS TICKET as a simple solution for more efficiently distributing tickets,” explains Hannes Ametsreiter, Director of Marketing, Distribution and Customer Services for mobilkom austria.

Shortly before the event, the user receives an additional SMS with information on which sector they must arrive at or other important event information. In addition, both the A1 team and the organiser’s staff ensure a customer friendly ticket check and a trouble-free transaction.