940 — LangTech 2003, 24-25 November 2003, Paris, France

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Language and speech technologies, after decades of research and development, have reached near-market maturity where specialist companies are now offering value added services and solutions to a broad spectrum of potential users. LangTech 2003, the second edition of the European forum for language technology, offers a platform for the Language and Speech technology community – developers, integrators, entrepreneurs, adopters and users. Europe Contact Center endorses this event as Media Partner.

The conference topics address the latest technology breakthroughs and are presented by experienced practitioners in the field – either adopters/users stressing the feasibility of the technology, or by solution providers presenting successful case studies.

Practical solutions and near-market research results are presented during the conference and in the accompanying exhibition, showing state-of-the-art products and solutions.

The first edition of this European forum for speech and language technology, LangTech 2002 , was attended by some 330 participants from over 30 countries and across five continents.

LangTech 2003 will feature relevant developments in many aspects of speech and language technology:

· TECHNOLOGIES: existing speech and language technologies ready for deployment.
· SOLUTIONS: new solutions ready or close to market.
· TRANSFER: case studies showcasing successful technology transfer.
· EXPLOITATION: best practice reports on exploitation of speech and language technologies.
· MARKETING: success stories on the marketing of speech and language technologies.
· FINANCING: venture capital for companies in the HLT sector.
· TRENDS: new trends in research and future market opportunities.

LangTech 2003 will cover a wide range of speech and language technologies with three focus areas:

· SPEECH TECHNOLOGIES AND APPLICATIONS: voice-controlled products and services, speech recognition an synthesis, etc.
· SEMANTIC WEB AND KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT: content management systems, text mining, authoring and search environments, taxonomies, etc.
· MULTILINGUALITY: applications and solutions in localisation, machine translation systems, cross-lingual information retrieval, speech-to-speech translation, etc.

LangTech 2003 will specifically address the following people and organisations involved in the development, deployment and exploitation of speech and language technologies:

· DEVELOPERS: industrial developers from SMEs and large corporations.
· INTEGRATORS: service providers and integrators of speech and language technology applications.
· ENTREPRENEURS: founders and managers of language technology start-up companies.
· RESEARCHERS: scientists from academia, research centres and industry.
· FACILITATORS: decision-makers, analysts, technology transfer specialists.
· INVESTORS: venture capital providers and investment banks.
· USERS OF LANGUAGE TECHNOLOGIES: people involved in the exploitation of speech and language technologies.
· MEDIA: media representatives and technology information providers.

Demonstrations of applications, products, services and research prototypes will be featured in the exhibition, and the forum will provide ample opportunities for face-to-face meetings with potential users, providers, partners and investors.
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