994 — BT launches smart numbers

Dec 17, 2003 | Conteúdos Em Ingles

BT announced the immediate availability of BT Smart Numbers. BT Smart Numbers uses Teamphone technology to provide each employee with one personal telephone number, replacing individual numbers for landline, office and mobile. Via the Smart Number, calls can also be delegated or delivered to an in built unified messaging service when the recipient is unavailable. In addition users can be populated into teams enabling the creation of virtual call centres using personnel located both across the country and throughout the world.

“The modern world in theory, has made it far easier to stay connected. However, this has led to us having an unwieldy quantity of numbers by which we can be connected. BT Smart Numbers allows businesses to consolidate these numbers, which can generate significant improvements in customer service and also save money,” Mike Willacy, BT marketing manager, BT said.