835 — Novell Gets Focused, Delivers One Net Solutions for a World without Information Boundaries

Oct 16, 2002 | Conteúdos Em Português

Novell’s vision evolves around four areas:
* Novell exteNd helps companies rapidly build advanced Web applications that leverage existing systems to deliver relevant services to key business constituents
* Novell Nsure delivers secure identity management so businesses can reach out to the right people yet keep their systems secure
* Novell Nterprise provides secure, scalable, and reliable cross-platform networking services, giving customers freedom of choice and helping them profit from existing investments more effectively
* Novell Ngage provides the business and technical expertise to deploy solutions in these three areas.

PROVO, Utah – Oct. 9, 2002 – Marking an important step in making its one Net vision a reality for customers, Novell today announced a go-to-market focus around three core challenges that have prevented organizations from optimizing their business processes in an increasingly Web-based world. The three areas – newly branded as Novell® exteNd*, Novell Nsure*, and Novell Nterprise* – are Web-based application development, secure identity management, and cross-platform networking services.

The addition of consulting and services expertise – branded as Novell Ngage* – provides customers both the business know-how and the technology to build, secure, and deploy business processes on the Web.With the company’s resources aligned behind these four areas, Novell today provides customers a rapid return on investment by leveraging existing systems, while providing new revenue opportunities through innovative ways to interact with customers and partners across the Web. “Novell is committed to leading the market in Web-based business solutions”, said Jack Messman, chairman and CEO of Novell; With Novell Nsure, Novell exteNd, Novell Nterprise and Novell Ngage, we have the solutions our customers have been telling us they need to achieve one Net – a world without information boundaries."

Novell Nsure
Identity is security in a one Net world. Only by knowing who is accessing the network, and what they are entitled to see, can companies effectively manage their disparate relationships in a Web environment. Novell Nsure delivers secure identity management that lets companies reach out to employees, customers, and partners while comprehensively protecting their information and resources. The Novell Nsure family leverages Novell eDirectory* and related products, and includes Novell’s secure access and provisioning solutions.

Novell exteNd
Once an organization knows whom they’re dealing with, getting them what they need to do business is the key to improving processes and driving revenue. Novell exteNd is a powerful and productive standards-based suite for developing and managing advanced Web applications. Novell exteNd helps customers integrate existing systems and deliver dynamic, interactive solutions to key constituents. Novell exteNd also provides easy-to-use visual tools for application development and an application server for deploying sophisticated applications on the Web. Uniquely among solutions from leading vendors, Novell exteNd applications run on other application servers, including IBM WebSphere* and BEA WebLogic*.

Novell Nterprise
Moving mission critical business processes to the Web requires a robust, dependable infrastructure that won’t go down. Novell Nterprise encompasses the fast, reliable, and scalable infrastructure and cross-platform network services customers need to deploy Web applications with confidence. Novell Nterprise includes NetWare® for core networking, GroupWise® for collaboration, and ZENworks®, which manages not only devices and assets, but also resources, applications, and policies. Novell Nterprise also encompasses cross-platform e-mail and access services like Novell NetMail* and Novell iFolder*, among others, which run not only on Novell and Windows* platforms, but on Linux* and Solaris* as well.

Novell Ngage
Novell Ngage provides the consulting and services expertise to develop and deploy solutions around Novell Nsure, Novell exteNd, and Novell Nterprise.
Novell Ngage delivers business management consulting to improve operational effectiveness and IT consulting for architecture design, rapid application development, and systems integration. Novell Ngage also provides technical support and education services to help customers make sure Novell’s one Net business solutions are working optimally in their environment.

Novell’s new focus reflects a coming together of customer needs and the acquisition and R&D steps we’ve taken over the last several years; said Chris Stone, vice chairman, office of the CEO of Novell. All our resources – development, marketing, sales, and consulting – are now aligned around Novell Nsure, Novell exteNd, Novell Nterprise and Novell Ngage. We will offer the best solutions on the market in these areas, bar none. Our customers have told us this is where they need the most help, and we will deliver;

Novell will outline details on Novell Nsure at a customer and press event in New York City on Oct. 16. Webcast details for this event are available at www.novell.com/nsure. More information on Novell exteNd, Novell Nterprise and Novell Ngage is available at http://www.novell.com/solutions/.

About Novell
Novell, Inc. (Nasdaq: NOVL) is the leading provider of information solutions delivering secure identity management, Web application development and network infrastructure services on a variety of computing platforms. Novell helps customers profit from the opportunities of the information
economy by eliminating boundaries to information, delivering it securely and economically. Novell’s one Net vision enables customers to capture new business by solving complex business challenges, simplifying systems and processes, and leveraging emerging Web services. Novell provides worldwide channel, developer, consulting and education programs to support its